Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Job as a Compost Coordinator

"It was a good day at the market today..."

This is usually the way I feel when I get home from the green market I started working at a couple of months ago. My job is to collect food scraps for composting and inform the community on composting methods.

This is a pilot program from Grow NYC and so far it has been very successful. Just last week we collected a little more than 6,500 pounds of compost that we will be turning into soil.

A resident of Inwood, N.Y. empties his compost.
I also get to collect some of the bags that customers use to bring their compost in. I'm exited to be working there because not only I save food scraps but also bags that I know for sure could end in the garbage.

 See the baskets made of plastic bags at

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rescuing Bags for Upcycling

I wanted to mention the story behind the baskets on my shop:, because from all the items in it they are the ones getting the most attention. So here is a brief story behind it.

I went to the supermarket in my neighborhood rather than the small market I usually go to because circumstances required me to. I paid closed attention to my surroundings. As I suspected, there were grocery plastic bags everywhere. Bags that were not even used were carelessly left in carts, or gathered with garbage-to-be material, or thrown in the floor of the supermarket where customer and employees stepped on them, eventually making them unusable. I picked each single one of them ending up with nine perfectly good-to-upcycle bags.