The Urban Resources shop and blog are managed by a New York based artist. It features eco-friendly, handmade functional items and fashion, articles, news, and events by local artists. Handmade items follow sustainability guidelines below:
Handmade Design
One of a kind items are handcrafted by an independent artist with care.  Your rewarding decision to buy handmade is a socially, ethically,  and environmentally conscious  decision to support each artist and promote an alternative to mass-produced products.
Sustainability through Materials
Our handmade goods are made with post-consumer materials gathered through methods that avoid overuse of resources, promote reduction of industrial waste, and educate the community on the characteristics of the materials. Other newly sourced materials have been selected for giving the design its eco-friendly characteristics. The material used to create the baskets travels locally reducing the polluting consequences of transportation. 
Reduced Packaging            
We use post-consumer, handmade, up-cycled or recycled packaging and labeling. Each item is properly labeled to promote the reuse and proper disposal of the packaging.
Promoting a Sustainable Community
In the local community we work through different organizations conducting cultural activities such as compost programs, dance,  and art classes where we pass on our skills to other community members.